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Link-Flex has obtained LR Approval Certificates for most of its products. Since we are ISO9001 certified, you can have complete confidence in the quality of our products, and we encourage you to check out the products information or contact us for more information on the products we offer.

We currently offer expansion joints for the following industries. If your business does not fall in any of the industry categories, don't worry. We can manufacture expansion joint to your specification, just give us a call.

Chemical Processing Industry (CPI)

The chemical processing industry has used expansion joints because of their ability to handle corrosive chemicals and a maximum temperature of 240 °F. The special elastomers in the expansion joints permit their use with abrasive slurries and a variety of chemicals. At the same time, they eliminate motion, vibration, and stress.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Link-Flex rubber expansion joints have become very popular in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning fields. The units reduce the many noise and vibration problems that occur in HVAC piping systems. They are practical with chilled water and condenser water piping, on both the suction and discharge sides of pumps, adjacent to compressors, and in chillers used in hospitals, hotels, apartment complexes, schools, and office buildings.


Aboard ships, our rubber expansion joints help control vibration, thus improving operating efficiency. Rubber joints are also used on circulating water lines, both hot and cold, and in the power generating system.


Our expansion joints are used in electrical generating stations, both fossil fuel and nuclear. These joints are used to control the thermal expansion and contraction that occur when pressure is applied to the piping systems. These units are found in water cooling lines, steam turbine lines, condensate lines, and in aeration systems.

Pollution Abatement

Our products are used to carry raw sewage through long lines of piping, to absorb stress. They are also found on sludge pumps, centrifugal air blowers, and secondary sewage lines. These units are usually designed with a filled arch in order to eliminate any gathering of solids in the arch area, which could cause failure.