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Link-Flex has obtained LR Approval Certificates for most of its products. Since we are ISO9001 certified, you can have complete confidence in the quality of our products, and we encourage you to check out the products information or contact us for more information on the products we offer. We currently offer expansion joints for the following industries. If your business does not fall in any of the industry categories, don't worry. We can manufacture expansion joint to your specification, just give us a call.
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Feature Products

Double Sphere Style 20
The double sphere connector of Style 20 allows greater compression, elongation, and deflection, and it requires little force to cause movement. With this product, you will not have problem installing it, because Style 20 is easy to install and uses floating flanges.
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Single Arch Style 60
Single arch expansion joint style 60 is of molde construction that has no metal rings embedded. Style 60 has a single arch design with double arch movement, and it is definitely suited for heavy duty use. Style 60 can be furnished with filled or unfilled arch. It should be noted, however, that filled ...
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