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Why Link-Flex


Link-Flex rubber joints are many times less expensive than the cost of fixing broken pumps and compressors, so you save the cost of unnecessary downtime. Our products are available in a broad spectrum of styles and sizes that eliminates the need for custom made joints.

Vibration and Sound Absorption

Pulsating equipment such as pumps and compressors usually generate undesired noise and vibration, which reduces efficiency in adjacent equipment and impairs working conditions in offices and factories. Rubber expansion joints prevents destructive vibrations that might otherwise cause ruptures and leaks.

Corrosion Free

Link-Flex rubber expansion joints are manufactured to withstand corrosive chemicals. They are finish-coated with HYPALON to provide protection against acid fumes and ozone attack.

Minimum Space Requirement

Flexible, lightweight rubber joints can be inserted in a minimum of space. For pipes with size up to eight inches, only six inches face-to-face is needed.

High Shock Resistance

Link-Flex joints can withstand strong surge pressures without shattering due to their tensile strength. Our products allow for four way movements and eliminates problesm of pips buckling or pulling apart.

Easy Installation

Link-Flex rubber joints slip into place easily because they have extreme flexibility and light weight.

Greater Movement Recovery

Link-Flex rubber joints neither crack nor fracture under repeated flexing. Our products have a remarkably long life expectancy, even under adverse conditions, becuase they are made only from the finest grades of rubber and other materials.

Embrttlement Free

Unlike metal expansion joints, flexible rubber joints can stand up to the extreme of temperature and pressure. Our products, depending on styles, can stand up to pressure of 214 PSIG and maximum temperature of 240 ºF.

Elimination of Electrolysis

Because of its noconducting characterisitcs, rubber makes the best expansion joints for machinery where electorlysis can be a problem. Rubber joints break electrolytic circuits.


Our products are available in an impressive range of types and sizes. They can accommodate pipes from 1 to 24 inches, with additional sizes available on custom orders.